Wheel lift towing is unique from other towing services. Wheel lift towing is generally used for rescuing car owners who are stuck in a situation where they cannot move their vehicles. No matter wherever you have an immovable vehicle, our wheel lift towing service is here for your rescue. The vehicle can be stuck in a roadway, private property, in the water, or a ditch, our wheel lift towing service has the perfect solution for you.

Chain tow and hook trucks have similarities with wheel lift tow trucks in some ways. But there is a slight difference between the methods. Whereas hook and chain tow trucks use chains, the wheel lift tow trucks use a metal yoke to tow the vehicle to the destination with full safety. This method is safer and you can fully rely on our trained experts to transport your vehicle in this method.

In this process, we put the metal yoke below the front or rear wheels to suspend it. And then we pull the car away slowly and safely. If you have cars with the flat front tire, we will take care of that with this one. Car with front-wheel or rear-wheel drive can be transported with these. These wheel lift towing trucks are cost-efficient and quite hassle-free to use. When a vehicle is in a parking lot, we use these wheel lift towing trucks to transport those parked vehicles for great mobility in tight spaces.

Whenever you are in a situation like this, all you have to do is contact us and we will send our professionals there. Doing this kind of job requires high skills. And all our team members are highly skilled. Each one of them is trained to handle this type of task with care efficiently so that there is no risk involved. Even when the cars are parked in parallel, wheel lift trucks can help. Wheel lift towing service can also solve problems even if the car is parked on a narrow road or stalled in a low ceiling garage. When the space is limited and tight these wheel lift tow trucks come in handy. In those circumstances, this is our preferred vehicle for moving your car. Whenever the space is tight, wheel lift towing is the best solution.